Mr. Booster challenges Amazon recommendation system

Mr.Booster is the A.I. sales booster which personalizes the whole shop for the specific user.

What if someone asks you who is the most successful online retailer in the US, what will be your first answer? Probably, Amazon, and you’ll be right. Every 4th product on the Amazon is sold thanks to its recommendation system, and it is one of the reasons for its success.

But what about the shops not officially selling on Amazon? Do they have a chance to sell online as successful as Amazon does? Sure! Our team has created the A.I., based on a conscious personalization system, which allows to significantly increase the average size of the cart, customer loyalty, and conversion, for the shops, not officially present on Amazon.

Mr.Booster analyzes the historical data and customer behavior using the original machine learning and deep learning algorithms and recognizes the purchase goal. Then it personalizes the entire shop assortment for a specific user, and offers the right product to the right client.

Imagine, your customer has just purchased a suitcase and a hat, and he’s shopping again. Mr. Booster, based on the original machine learning algorithm, will detect the goal of the purchase/ and consider that most likely your customer is going on vacation. It will restructure the whole shop so that the user can see the most relevant product for him, like swimming suit or slippers of his favorite brand and price range.

Only in one short click Mr.Booster will raise the conversion in your shop up to 2.5 times, and the average check to 31% – that’s why it’s worth trying Mr.Booster.