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How it Works

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The system identifies the purchase goal, rebuilds the entire shop assortment, and influences on personalized customer experience around this goal for each unique buyer.

Adaptive sort

Mr. Booster allows your website reorganize entire shop assortment for each specific user so everyone will see goods, which are most relevant to them on every page on your shop

This technique can boost conversion up to x3.2 times

Target E-mails

This tool allows you to engage more customers and sell directly from emails. Mr. Booster uses data to automatically segment your customers into groups and creates personalized and conscious recommendations, based on shopping goal, for each unique user.

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Product recommendations

Mr. Booster analyzes purchasing and customer behavioral data in real time and offers a shopper following types of recommendations:

  1. Conscious recommendations of related products based on current shopping goal
  2. Recommendations of similar products and services
  3. Popular, promotional items and new items
  4. Administrator-defined combinations of products

Combination of different types of recommendations on different pages allows Mr. Booster boost website conversion by up to  200%.

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Churn prediction

This techniques drawn from machine learning and predictive modeling to estimate likelihood that regular customers will churn.

Mr. Booster select this group of customers and creating personalized e-mails and offers to them which allows service to save the majority of regular customers and make them even more loyal


You are blind if you are not tracking your business KPI. That’s why Mr. Booster  shows you the most important metrics product related work in real time, such as:

  1. Click through rate
  2. Recommendation system conversion
  3. Additional revenue made thanks to Mr. Booster

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Why you need a boost

01.Sales increase

Brands that use personalization see sales rise by up to 10%

Personalization allows you to offer the most relevant products for each specific customer.

02.A larger average check.

Consumers who click on recommendations are more likely to convert, spend more, and they are almost twice as likely to make a return visit.

Due to using personalized cross-sells techniques the average quantity of goods for one shopping cart is increased two times.

03.Visitors become customers faster.

Personalization can help create unique online interfaces that make the most of consumers’ time.

Thanks to the personalized sorting the products displayed are always relevant for that particular user.

Success story


We are delighted about how the Mr. Boost has changed our approach to customer marketing and force us not to bog down by outdated systems. The resulting avalanche of this product allows us to understand our clients more deeply, generating the most relevant offers for each client and doubled sales growth. The Mr. Boost team is working in a sophisticated way and personalization is the key here.


The current wave of marketing and today’s customers both seek personalized services and this is exactly what Mr. Boost lets us provide with the help of its product. Our main goal is to accurately predict consumers’ preferences, further behavior and to gain actionable insights. Basically, Mr.Boost helps our customers spend more now and return to us back!

911 pharmacy

Working with Mr. Booster is delivering the tremendous results for our business just after three months. We instantly have tracked a 23% increase in average order value and a 2.2× boost revenue, that’s huge! I can assure Mr. Boost is truly efficient and vital on our highly competitive market.



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