AI based sales booster for e-commerce.

We use historical data, real-time user behavior analysis, churn prediction and tens of individual parameters.

  • 01.Raise total conversion and average check
  • 02.Increase loyalty and viability of every customer
  • 03.Minimize churn rate and each transaction time

End result

Mr.Booster can provide Amazon-like personalization for standalone online shops and chains. After the implementation, the efficiency of the system constantly improves due to the self-learning technology. On average:

  • 2.13×Conversion raise
  • 1.97×Average check increase
  • 2.81×Revenue boost

Why you need a boost

  • example

    Sales increase.

    Brands that use personalization see sales rise by up to 10%.

    Personalization allows you to offer the most relevant products for each specific customer.

  • example

    A larger average check.

    Consumers who click on recommendations are more likely to convert, spend more, and they are almost twice as likely to make a return visit.

    Due to using personalized cross-sells techniques the average quantity of goods for one shopping cart is increased two times.

  • example

    Visitors become customers faster.

    Personalization can help create unique online interfaces that make the most of consumers’ time.

    Thanks to the personalized sorting the products displayed are always relevant for that particular user.


The system identifies the purchase goal, rebuilds the entire shop assortment, and influences on personalized customer experience around this goal for each unique buyer.

  • Assortment personalization
  • Conscious products recommendations
  • Target e-mails
  • Churn prediction
  • Up-sell and cross-sell tools

Success story


A major online pharma retailer processing over $10 million per month. After one short year of our work, the key performance indicators of Pharmacy911 grew by:

  • 2.09×

    Conversion increase

  • 1.72×

    Revenue boost

  • 1.86×

    Average check increase

On average, KPIs increased by 89%



Up to 10,000 unique daily visitors


per month


From 10K to 25K unique daily visitors


per month


From 25K to 50K unique daily visitors


per month


unique daily visitors

2.2% commission

of every product bought thanks to our system

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